Everything we know today, requires electricity is some form or the other. Electricity makes for a vital part of our lives and without it this world can’t function the way it does. Although, sometimes we forget how dangerous it could be, if misused or not handled with care. 

Below are some safety tips that you should consider to keep you and your family safe from any malfunctions or accidents—

  1. Use correct wattage for all your appliances: it is important that you check if you are using the correct wattage for all your fixtures and appliances. Using the correct light bulb can prevent electrical problems. 
  1. Avoid overloading outlets: never load an electricals socket with too many plugs. Check all outlets to ensure they are cool to the touch, have protective faceplates and are in proper working order.
  1. Replace or repair damaged electrical cords: Damaged power cords are a serious residential electrical safety risk, and they are capable of causing both fires and electrocution. All power and extension cords should be checked regularly for signs of fraying and cracking, and they should then be repaired or replaced as needed.
  1. Keep your cords tidy to prevent damage: Electrical safety rules don’t just apply to power cords when they’re in use—cords also need to be stored safely to prevent damage. Keep stored cords away from children and pets. Try to avoid wrapping cords tightly around objects; this can stretch the cord or cause overheating.
  1. Unplug all your unused appliances to reduce potential risks: One of the simplest electrical safety tips is also one of the easiest to forget: when an appliance is not in use, unplug it. Not only does this save you power by reducing any phantom drain, but unplugging unused appliances also protects them from overheating or power surges.
  1. Keep electrical devices and outlets away from water to prevent shock: Water and electricity don’t mix well. To follow electrical safety rules, keep electrical equipment dry and away from water prevents damage to appliances and can protect against personal injury and electrocution.

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